2017 Green Infrastructure Partnership Program

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (District) invites both public and private sector organizations who plan to install Green Infrastructure (GI) Strategies on their property to submit applications for partnership funding for 2017 Green Infrastructure Partnership Program.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (District) is providing partnership funding to increase green infrastructure (GI) implementation and innovation within its service area. This program covers the full array of District-approved green infrastructure strategies (including green roofs and signature series funding programs that had in previous years been the subject of a separate notice). There will not be a separate green roof notice or a separate signature series notice available in 2017. The District has approved funding in the fiscal year 2017 capital and operations and maintenance budgets to help implement green infrastructure projects within its service area. The District reserves the right to cap project funding requests.

A successful application will highlight the Partner’s willingness to implement a project that will support achieving the District’s 2035 Vision, while also providing a water quality benefit to area waterways and/or reducing the amount of runoff to the District’s sewerage system. A successful application will also clearly state the maximum stormwater retention capacity (in gallons) of each green infrastructure feature for which funding is requested. Selected green infrastructure projects will provide the District with information related to GI effectiveness (stormwater capture capacity in gallons and water quality benefits), costs, feasibility and maintenance. They will demonstrate progress toward meeting the District’s Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permit requirement of adding 12 million gallons of green infrastructure capacity over five years. Green infrastructure projects are to be consistent with the District’s 2035 Vision that is the District’s long-range approach to eliminate sewer overflows, improve water quality, and incorporate an overall triple bottom line sustainable approach to the way the District operates. For the full request for proposal documents, please visit our procurement portal.

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